6950/6970 BF3 Ultra Settings Solution

Let me preface this by saying this isnt a question. This is a solution. The problem? Ultra settings in BF3 on a 6950/6970.

After reading the newest article here on TOMS, a thorough benchmarking of various GPU and CPU running BF3 I have come to one very important conclusion: turn off 4xMSAA, at least for now.

I was *this* close to buying a 2nd card to play BF3 on ultra. I was only getting an average of 30 fps with my unlocked overclocked 6950. After turning 4xMSAA off I am seeing 55 minimum! So overjoyed with this new found information, I felt the need to spread it around.


P.S. Thank you so much to toms, and specifically the reviewer for the new BF3 benchmarks. You did a very, very good job.
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    both are great but 6970 is slightly better by the way what are your specs?
  2. ^^ The OP isn't looking to buy a new card.
    You're right,turning off AA or lowering usually gives a notable boost in performance without sacrificing the image quality much(especially on high resolutions)
  3. its more than the usual increase though. usually amd cards handle AA fairly well. im only mentioning this because there is a substantial difference in performance. i suspect a driver problem.
  4. Yep,it's a driver issue.Many users are experiencing problems with BF3 performance.
    Hopefully a new driver will fix it.
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    I put MSAA at 2X and it doubled my FPS. Game look a lot better. 6950 is a great card and i unlocked it to 6970. 60 fps average = I am really happy with this performance.

    Even with an X4 955 oced to 4.2ghz i get steller results from a 3 year old chip.
  6. nice! :)
  7. ive found a bottleneck with my 6950 just playing around and my i7 2600k at 4.0 that at about 120 fps it doesnt matter how much you turn down settings thats the cpus limit
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