B75MA-P45 i/o front panel help

Hello Tom's Hardware folks,

When I got my tax money back I decided to build my own computer. I got the parts in from newegg today and I jumped right it. For the most part, it's be going pretty well, but I'm having a bit of a problem deciding where to plug in the i/o wires from the front panel of my case. If it's relevant the case is a Cooler Master Storm Enforcer.

The wiring is color coded as follows:

green/white with green being Pow LED +
red/white = HDD LED
orange/white = power switch
blue/white = reset switch

Secondly, the product page on newegg says that this motherboard doesn't have a usb 3.0 header. However, when I was I was plugging in wires into the motherboard, I noticed a big blue plug on the motherboard that said usb 3.0. Which, I then plugged in a wire from the front i/0 that said usb 3.0. Is this the usb 3.0 header that I supposedly don't have?
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  1. This can be deleted or solved or whatever. After much more careful reading of the instruction manual, I figured it out.
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