What is the best graphic cards to use with asus motherboards

what is the best graphic card that i should use for my crosshair v formula z motherboard, i am currently looking at the asus graphic cards but not for sure which one would be best
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  1. it does not even have to be asus also.
    you can buy any ati or nvidia cards. it all depends on your budget. from a few bucks to >$500
  2. Any gpu will be supported for that mobo. But high end gpu needs powerful cpu like intel deliver. So its better to go with budget gpu as amd cpu will bottleneck high end gpu.
  3. AMD
  4. An AMD cpu will not bottle neck a high end graphics card if it is a high end cpu
  5. There is actually no high end amd cpu that can out perform a i3-2100 in gaming. Even FX-8320 vishera can't. You have to check some benchmark.
  6. I have, the fx 8350 will, and will become a boss if overclocked.
  7. You check games like witcher 2, Hitman Absolution and skyrim with FX-8350?
  8. Honestly you have failed to tell us what your budget is therefore how can one answer other than selecting out various cards & this leads to a UNEDUCATED GUESS/SUGGESTION! Can you afford 2? The crosshair v formula z motherboard is capable of SLI but WHAT POWER supply do you currently have? Guessing will often lead to assuming! Assuming is defined as ASS U ME ! NOT GOOD! PROVIDE more of your INTENTIONS, BUDGET, EXPECTATIONS!

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