Cant install any OS on my pc :(

hello guys,

im trying to install any OS on my pc but every time i try it just goes to windows xp :( i tried with usb and cds and dvds.

the OS i tried all worked on my dell d600 laptop

any 1 knows why they arent booting up?

1turn on pc
2put cd in
3goto boot menu and choose cdrom
4goes to boot screen
5boot failed error pops up
6goes to windows

my mobo is gigabye ga 78 lmt s2p
cpu is fx 4100
hdd 120 gb sata 3
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    on the newer efi mb check under boot devices. make sure the cd-rom and ssd are shown. most mb now will show efi cd-rom and non efi cd-rom. you may have to put the non efi cd-rom as the first boot device. if that wont work most mb if you hit f8 bring a boot manager up you can then selet cd-rom or usb stick. you need to have the disk and or usb conected before you hit f8.
  2. Whats efi?

    And there are 5 usb options usb zop usb hdd usb cdrom usb fdd and ghe other options i get are zip hdd cdrom lan and floppy
  3. use usb hard drive or just plan cd-rom for booting off the cd-rom.
  4. Thanks for replying but i got it to noot :D i just needed to sett hd priority and then boot from hdd>usb hddo
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