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570 or 6970

Hey guys im customizing a cyberpower pc for my friend. he plans on running BF3 on 1920x1080 on a 27 inch HDTV on high settings.
i was thinking 6970 2gb cuz i know that is better for higher resolutions right? or should i just get GTX 570. Power:800w Xtreme Gear PSU from cyberpower.
SLI is not an option and my budget is confined to 350$ to 375$.
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    Those are both good cards and I'd jump on a deal if you see one, but my recommendation goes with the GTX 570. 1920x1080 isn't really a high enough resolution for the ATI card to outclass, and the Nvidia card handles AA much better, IIRC.

    At 1920x1080 go with the gtx 570, unless theres a deal. They are both great cards, and generally comparable in performance (ATI card less power hungry, if you care about that).
  2. couldn't have said it better myself.

    Beside which 6970 card you buy it might have more Outputs but considering you would be running it on a single TV/Monitor the GTX 570 would be better its cheaper in most cases and ATI has been having trouble using the full potential of a GPU in BF3 (In my personal experience) so a GTX 570 would be better considering there wont be and performance loss and it has newer technology to support higher end quality without as much performance drop as competing cards (ATI are slightly more expensive than the ATI's competing card. GTX 560 Ti - 6950 a $50 difference and almost no performance difference.
  3. Well, HD 6970 is slightly faster than GTX 570 and don't crack like the GTX 570 in resolutions above 1080P, and since you're not going to exceed that resolution and for BF3 particularly, GTX 570 is doing much better than HD 6970

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