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Hey guys,

I just built a new pc a month ago, and periodically i have to reset the cmos because windows wont boot up. randomly, i will boot my computer up and it just wont boot into windows... the screen just stays dark... when i reset it, i get a message that there was an error trying to boot windows and i have options to boot up the computer in safe mode, last good configuration, normally, and repair windows by inserting the dvd etc.

While the screen is black, my boot_device_LED is red... what is wrong with my computer?

When i reset the cmos, everything starts working properly again, so i am guessing it is a motherboard issue? i just dont understand why it works, then stops working again...

I own a sabertooth z77 and i am booting windows on a crucial m4 128gb ssd. My bios is up to date, and my ssd has the latest firmware installed.

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  1. CMOS battery flat perhaps?
  2. Take a look into event viewer. Maybe some hints there.
  3. noidea_77 said:
    Take a look into event viewer. Maybe some hints there.

    I just checked event viewer and there are a lot of errors and warnings... I dont know how to read them...
  4. Important are those in windows/system. Click on the first error that occured after a failed start attempt and tell us what it says. You can also try the online help link on details page.
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