E2-3000M Mobile APU vs. C60 (both amd)

Hi, my name is kevin, and i was wondering which of these mobile processors would be better to run casual games like the sims 3 and the occasional RPG or low-spec requirment fps?
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    Get the E2-3000m and don't look back. The E (not the Llano version) and C series are very weak even for occasional light use unless just browsing the web ect. For gaming the E2 has a dual channel memory controller and better gpu while leaving you with upgrade options down the road while the lower end parts do not.
  2. thanks! I was actually impressed with how well the c60 performed! I figured the E2-3000m would be a better choice for processing power, but was concerned with the gpu, as I had difficulty locating specs on the gpu of that apu (lol) thanks again!
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    You bought the c60?
  4. No, the c60 came in my laptop! I'm hunting for an A6 mobile apu, with at least 2.4 ghz, but the only mobile apu i can find for sale atm is the e2... So if I can find it, I'm going with the A6, but was wondering how much of an improvement the e2 would be over the c60. Thanks alot! You've really helped me out! :D
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