Power pulses through my motherboard?

Alright, I just hooked my PSU up to my mother board and all that I get from it is a "pulsing" energy that turns the fans on and off along with the a blue led. Now, I tryed the jumping trick by conecting the green wire to the black wire on my PSU with a paper clip which makes everything work fine, untill I plug back in and it goes back to the pulsing.
Here's my specs:
Msi 970A-G46
Antec High current gamer 520W
2TB Hard Drive
AMD FX 6-core
Ostrog ECA3250 casing
8GB of Ram
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  1. You mean your system power up for a sec? Your mobo maybe dead. You can check your mobo with different psu to make sure.
  2. No, It the fans turn on and off with the flashing of the blue LED on the mother board.
  3. Fan spin up just for a sec and then nothing? Thats what i said. Mobo is DOA.
  4. I'm sorry if I am being unreasonable but I want to make sure, the fans turn on and off in a pattern. As well as the power PSUs fan doesn't turn on unless I'm jump start it and even then it's like a 50% chance it will actually even power on after I remove the paper clip.
  5. Hey im having te same problem now. Was it really DOA Mobo? Or is ot the power supply?
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