Can I customize my Aspire 7560-SB819 Laptop?

I would like to upgrade my laptop with some gaming specs? Like CPU and Graphics cards?

My current specs are basic.

AMD Quad Core Processor A6-3400M with Turbo CORE Technology up to 2.30 GHz (overclocked with k10stat)
AMD Raedeon HD 6520G with 512 MB Graphics system Memory
17.3" HD + LED LCD screen
6 GB DDR3 memory installed
640 GB HDD
It has a multi card in reader as well along with many other goodies that wont help or harm my gaming experience. Im a mmo guy so I want to be able to play big mmos.
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  1. Hello there Shawn4,

    I'm gonna start with the bad news. Your laptop's graphics chip is integrated with the board. This means that you won't be able to upgrade your graphics without changing the whole motherboard. (Which would cost so much you may as well purchase a new laptop).

    In regards to the CPU, you could upgrade it, but it's quite a long and difficult thing to do if you're not familiar with the inside of a laptop. Also, that processor is pretty decent for a laptop and you could incur some serious costs if you went hunting for an upgrade.

    Basically, laptops aren't designed for gaming. The airflow is poor and they are very susceptible to overheating (crashing your game and ruining your stats on battlefield :( ). The components are very difficult to upgrade (if possible at all) and overall you're better off with a desktop if you want to game.

    However, I understand everyones situation is different and you may have a good reason for wanting a laptop. So i'd say the only thing you could really do would be to upgrade the processor. Also, it's worth considering installing an SSD in the machine instead of a traditional hard drive. This can seriously increase your computers speed, particularly in gaming.

    Hope this helps! :ange:
  2. thank you. I was thinking of completly building a new lappy from scratch idk...
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