GPU Fan cutting out??

So I have an XFX Nvidia Geforce 9800GT (doesn't use 6-pin connector for some reason even though it's not a "green/economy" version of the card from what I know) that I bought new a couple of years ago and earlier my monitor randomly just dropped into power-saving mode. At first I thought I fat fingered the sleep/standby button or whatever but I could still hear sounds from whatever video I was watching. I think my GPU just powered itself off without my mobo's vga or w/e default graphics kicking in.

So I hard booted and shrugged it off as a driver issue even though I'm up to date on those. After rebooting and starting up speedfan etc. I saw my GPU at like 122 C which is freaking ridiculous since it's usually in the 60-70 range under load. Immediately started trying to change the GPU fan speed in riva tuner (speedfan only lets me change rear exhaust and CPU cooler speeds IDK why) and didn't hear any changes, my GPU fan wasn't even running. I then disabled the GPU in device manager and started blowing some cool air over the card with an external fan while trying to figure out what was wrong. I ended up shutting down and removing the card looking for anything wrong, every cable I could find was snug and the fan was spinning easily and normally when I spun it with my fingers so I put the fully cooled GPU back in and then win7 (64bit) forced me to run startup repair for a few minutes and restart again after that to be able to get logged back in.

Re-enabled my GPU, system said I had to reboot for hardware changes again so I did, then started up and tested the fan, everything was working fine for 10 or 15 minutes, but now I can hear it slowing way down and struggling to even maintain a consistent fan speed. Do these fans just die out like this? I was either going to get a second and SLI after new mobo or sell this one and buy a 560Ti. Is it easy / cheap to replace the fan, I usually don't bother tinkering with the individual pieces of hardware themselves.

Geforce 9800GT (bought new 1.5-2yrs ago)
AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000+ (stock 4-5 yrs ago)
4Gs of DDR2 Ram (stock 2g aftermarket 2g added 3 yrs ago)
650W Corsair PSU (bought new 1.5 yrs ago)
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  1. plug the six pins in and she will work better
  2. It's been working fine for as long as I've had it w/o a six-pin (almost 2 years). And like I said above... there is NO PLACE to plug a six-pin connector to. This version of the card doesn't have that for whatever reason.
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