Psu which is better ?

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  1. They're both good power supplies but the Earthwatts offers more power and higher efficiency.

    Earthwatts has 2x 38A 12V rails, NEO has 1x 48A 12V rails.

    Both have 2x PCIe leads (although the earthwatts has 2x6+2 rather than 1x6 and 1x6+2)

    They're both good power supplies. Up to you!
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    This is off thread dude.

    Still the earthwatts is a better PSU but it comes down to price and your needs...
  3. Actually it ain't off thread i'm sorry for that...

    too many nights without sleep
  4. its ok :D go get rest man its not good for health
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  6. BTW MY vga msi 1GB twi froz n560GTX-ti
    650watt psu enough right ?
  7. should be if you're not on lga 2011 with 64gb of ram and 10 HDDs at 7200rpms + 64MB + a sound card and a 3930k oced till it hits the moon...

    Your fine dont worry
  8. thanks :p
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