CPU-Z showing the wrong Core Speed for my Intel Core i3-2100?

Hi, I have just recently built my first gaming pc and I'm a complete noob at this and I really need some help S:

I just downloaded CPU-Z, something my friend suggested for me to use to check my processor and my core speed for my i3-2100 should be 3.10GHZ.

But CPU-Z shows:

Core speed: 1596.4 MHz
Multiplier: x 16.0
Bus Speed: 99.78 MHz

Is there something wrong with my processor? (and I never touched my bios). Please help (:
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    Intel's SpeedStep automatically downclocks the CPU when there is no load to save power and reduce heat.

    You can download a program called Prime95 to stress the CPU. That should increase the clockspeed to 3.1GHz.
  2. Intel Turbo Boost!
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  4. I have also tha sam issue i bought i5 2500 processor which is 3.3 ghz but in cpuz only showing 2800mhz max on full stress by prime95
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