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Hi there, i recently ordered an intel core i5 but after doing a bit of reading i saw that the new Ivy Bridge line is going to be released sometime this month. The price of the 3570k is similar to that of the 2500k, and so was the performance... I was wondering if i should cancel my order and wait for the new line of CPU's to be released or just buy the 2500k. I intend to do some heavy gaming and I can simply cancel my order with a phone call, and i don't mind waiting, so in your opinion, which is better?
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  1. Depends on if you want to wait or not. Truth is, you cannot go wrong with either one and both will easily max out any game for some time from the CPU perspective
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    The prices could be very similar and so could the performance. The Ivy Bridge CPU's should be very efficient, you can bet on that. The issue is there isn't a review of the product yet and it's not on the market so it's difficult to say that the 3570k will be worth the money. My best suggestion: if you're curious enough to ask and not in an immediate rush to buy a new CPU, it cannot hurt to see what Ivy Bridge can do.

    I have, and love, an i5-2500k. It's a fantastic CPU and may even see a price cut (I'm speculating) when Ivy Bridge comes out. So at the very least, you wait a month and might get a better deal out of it if you do decide on the 2500k. On the flip side, if the 3570k is a much better CPU and costs around the same, then you made the right decision to wait. It could be a win-win, but I'll leave that up to you! :)
  3. @bearclaw99 if it means better peformance i don't mind waiting.

    @Ironwilly i've heard great things about the 2500k, and since it's still up-to date with games in performance, i think i should wait for the 3570k, since it'll be even better. I'll cancel my order and wait for the reviews to roll in, then we'll see. Thanks :)
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  5. Now that Ivy is out and so are the prices which CPU you gonna go with?
  6. @Mongor62 sorry for the late reply... I'm going with Ivy Bridge because i don't need to overclock, they run faster and i'll be keeping this system for a while so i want the latest hardware :)
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