Will all these parts fit together?

Hey im building a gaming pc, ive never built one before ive chosen the parts i want, i just want to know if all these parts are all compatible together, thanks :D

CPU: i7 2700k
Motherboard : Asus P8Z68 Pro/gen pci e 3.0
Case: Corsair 650d
PSU: HCG antec 900w
Ram: UNKOWN- actually havnt chosen any ram yet im in to taking suggestions as long as its compatible with the motherboard.
Video Card: GTX 560 TI OC
Liquid cooling: corsair h100- will this fit into the corsair 650d case with the motherboard?
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  1. the PSU is overkill, if you plan to SLI another 560 Ti switch it to a 750W PSU it will be able to handle all OCing and everything else with headroom to spare
  2. is it bad to overkill or wont it rlly matter just cost?, i was thinking about getting the new 7970 ati 3gig card instead of the gtx 560
  3. I would have to look at how much power it 7xxx series consumes to make a judgement on that

    For RAM go with G.Skill or Corsair Vengence make sure its low profile (meaning no toothy heatsink thingies)

    Get a CPU cooler (Hyper 212+, Hyper 212 EVO, CM 612 are good options depending on how much OCing your going to be doing and also if you dont want to WC). I've never done WC'ing so I wouldnt be able to tell you wether it will fit or not.

    Do you have an HDD picked out already? If not got with the Seagate Barracuda 1TB w/7200 RPM

    For SSD go with the Crucial M4 if you plan to get one
  4. i plan to overclock to to 4.3-4.5, i thought the corsair h100 was best for cooling ill do some research on the ones u suggested though
  5. Im no expert in WC'ing because I have never personnally done it. I was thinking about it for my next build but still am debating all i can say is that air cooled CPUs can reach 4.5 ghz as well CM 612 is what I would look at there are plenty other options to look at as well Zalman has a heatsink for around $45 that is good even though it old.

    Hopefully someone that is in to WCing will drop by this thread to give you some more input
  6. thanks for your help im pretty much happy with all the parts knowing they fit, just wandering about ram i took a look at corsair veng ram they all had heat things on the top
  7. any reason to get low profile ram wouldnt more expensive ram be better for gaming
  8. You should look for a low profile because otherwise cpu cooler wont fit.
    Go for corsair!
  9. Those should be about the same performance wise (same speed and timings) - I favor g.skill and the sniper uses lower voltage, which is generally a good thing so I'd go with that.
  10. And the H100 has a small CPU block (just water pipes and a pump), I don't know why everyone else is telling you taller ram won't fit....

    You have to make sure that case has room for the radiator though - the H100 uses a pretty massive dual fan affair.
  11. so would this still be the best ram even if i dont need small ram and can use taller ones?
  12. It's pretty good and for a pretty good price - I like the G.Skill Ripjaw and RipjawX series myself, but they seem pretty similar in all respects.
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