Help please

i have problem with my rig. when i try to extract from .rar file there are errors but same file work good on other pc and some time when extracting rar.file the system crash comes with a blue screen and and some process like" dumping physical memory to disk"
and computer restart again so ?
*what is the problem?
*does the board have problem?(should i change with another one same)
*or other problems

* SYSTEM core i5-2500k,mother board-gigabyte GA Z68-XP-UD4, corsair 12gb 1600mhz(3 sticks),psu-Antec TPQ 1200watt , HDD- Seagate baracudda 1TB, Cpu cooler- corsair H80,cabinet- corsair 400R.

you know i cant do any gaming this simple surfing and watching movie

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  1. I have no idea but I'd check the HDD. Had a similar problem before my HDD died
  2. I agree, run a HDD health check and memtest.
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    I noticed that you were using a triple channel memory kit(12GB) on a dual channel motherboard. Now, while this DOES work, it is putting all of your memory access in single channel mode. You might try removing a single memory module in the slot that has the same color as the empty memory slot. This will leave you with 8GB, more than enough for anything except editing large photoshop files or video encoding, running in dual channel mode.
  4. thanks every one there was problem with one of my stick i checked the all sticks one by one and i find the black sheep the one stick was the problem i changed it and now every thing fine thanks to all of you for your suggestion i really.
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