Corsair H100 haf 932 Exhaust In or Out?

Hey guys I got a new CPU cooler. The Corsair H100. I am currently using the HAF 932 series case. I replaced the fans the Corsair H100 came with, with 4 cougar 120mm PWM fans for a push/pull config. I am wondering if I should mount it so its pulling cold air from the top of the case, through the rad.. or pushing the air from inside the case through the rad exhausting the air out of my case through the top?

What method of exhaust will yield me the best results temperature wise? I currently have a 140mm cougar fan exhausting air out the back of my case.
I run a crossfire configuration of 2x XFX 6970s that idle at 40c and max out at 63c

If you an unfamiliar with the Haf 932 here is a link.
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  1. Corsair have the h100 as exhaust in various faqs in their website.

    Go with the exhaust!
  2. If you have the time, the BEST way to figure this out is to test it yourself. Play with different fans or fan configurations and you'll find the best solution for your specific hardware setup. In most instances, the best CPU cooling will be with it set up as intake as the rad will be getting cooler air. But, that may or may not be the ideal configuration for overall system cooling.
  3. Hack up your case, and mod it so you can fit it in the front of the case pulling the cool air in.
  4. Dude I bet you can even do a push/pull configuration with no problem on that case lol
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