Explain: Strap, BCLK, freq, and multiplyer?

Hi everyone :)

Im fairly new to overclocking, as you can tell by this thread.
I have a slight understanding of how to OC but its pretty much limited to changing the multiplier, and then the vcore to stabilise it.

Id like to get familiar with the other important aspects of CPU overclocking

so if anyone could supply me with clear definitions on things such us bclk, stap, freq, etc
and explain what these things do, when to change them, how you change them, and why u change them.

I have an i7 3820 currently not OC, at stock 3.6ghz, and voltage of 1.25vcore.
Im cooling with the cooler master hyper 212, idling at 29 degrees, and 100% load at 45 degrees

thanks again everyone :)
your explanations, suggestions and definitions are very much appreciated!
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    If you check out the overclocking section theres a sticky explaining a lot of the terms and procedures used,
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  3. Np man, thank you for B.a., hope you found what you were after?
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