GPU usage is lower than CPU usage when watching video

I have my monitor plugged in via HDMI into my video card. When watching 720p video in XBMC, my CPU usage is anywhere from 10% to 15%, and my GPU usage is only at 6% to 9%. I would think, since the monitor is plugged into the video card, and not directly into the motherboard's HDMI, that the GPU would be at a higher usage percentage. Is this situation "normal"? Thanks.
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  1. If you are not experiencing any lag during the video then it is perfectly normal

    The GPU load is low because it is just displayed rendered frames
  2. It seems pretty normal. It depends what CPU you have, the kind of file played back and if the player supports GPU acceleration or not.

    Other then that it seems perfectly fine.
  3. Oh, ok. Cool! Thanks!
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