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Get the following mesage when trying use Nero 5, was ok under Win98, but not under Win2000 the error is when i try to read a CD is 'SCSI/IDE ERROR', any ideas...

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  1. I am getting the same message also. only after I uninstalled and reinstalled. I will uninstall Nero and reinstall again hope this will help us both to do this. It worked fine in the first install and I saw that it was a double install I should have left it alone I guess. I saw on another forumn that DMA should not be used. I had it checked in Device Manager. Maybe I will check it again. Ok I unchecked it and no difference. I am using win98SE My writer is a Creative 8-4-32 ATA I will let you know if that helps. Maybe someone wiser will help us both.. Good luck I have uninstalled Nero I more time so when I get it reinstalled I shall try again.

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  2. Well looks like we need more help. I can write to Data CD's with no problem, but, everytime I try to write wav. files I get the SCSI,IDE ERROR problem. have you had anymore luck with this? Someone should know the cure for this problem. Nero Win 98 SE and not using the DMA setting in Device manager..
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