1 stick of ram vs 2 sticks of ram

Hello, I am looking at newegg and they are having free 8GB of ram with select motherboards, but its only 1 8GB stick of ram, how much of a performance loss is that to 2 4GB sticks of ram in dual channel?

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  1. Dual channel divides read and write operations between two sticks, it's twice as fast, it's like a raid setup if you choose to think of it that way.

    See this: http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/297165-30-dual-single-channel
  2. so, if i get the free ram, i already have 2x4GB sticks of 1600 ram, and the 8GB is also 1600 but the cas latencys are different, can i run all 3??
  3. You could run 3 sticks, but your mobo will match the cas latency to the slowest one.
  4. so it would be better to run all 3 than the 2, right?
  5. yes/no?
  6. would it be better to fual channel 8gb or add antoher stick for 16Gb
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