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Out of RAM? Normal?

Its telling me Im out of memory and that I have almost 7gb full... But Im only coding with chrome (less than 40 tabs, pages with text only and a few images + 1 yt vid)
When I just turn the pc on I have ~5gb free (should it be more?), is that all right and I just need to get some more RAM or the pc is somehow not using everything it has? and why it doens let me open a new tab on chrome with 1.5gb free? (my last pc had 2 gb of ram and I didint have this kind of problems...)

3570k 4.2ghz/stock vol
7870 stock
1600mhz, corsair, 2x4gb, low profile, cl9, 1.5v
z77 pro4

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  1. Made a mistake: when I just turn it on I 1.5gb is in use...
  2. Less than 40 tabs? What about closing half of it?
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    Go to processes and see what's taking it.
  4. it a warning not an error. and you programming in java, that probably take a lot.
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  6. Yep, its normal then... I just find strange the warning when 1.5gb still free... Ill be buying some RAM...
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