Pci 1 0 supported best graphics card in 2011

i want to purchase a graphics card and my PCI Express slot is 1.0 X16 i'm very confuse that which graphics card should i buy.please help me my email id is xtreme.hacker619@gmail.com

and my budget is 10k
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  1. can you post more detail of your system, motherboard model, psu, and cpu ect. so we can check if its actually limited to 1.0x16

    if you budget is 10k and wanna the best card the in theory a 590 or HD6990 works with 1.0x16,

    or you can get any entry level card since the motherboard is obviously old and bottleneck it.

    or invest in a new system altogether
  2. All the pci-e gpu are backwards compatible .i.e. PCI-E 2.0 is compatible with pci-e 1.0. You can run any latest pci-e 2.0 graphics card in your MB with lower speed. So if your budget is 10k INR and you have a good 550 to 600 watt psu then go for nvidia 560 or amd 6870. If your psu is lower than that then get a amd 6670.
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