Broken motherboard replacement with new Windows 8

Ok so I have a bit of a problem dealing with my motherboard and OS.

I recently was given a pre built HP computer and decided to upgrade it change cases and all that. A few days ago something happened and my motherboard was fried and broke. Now where I run into a problem is that I am wanting to upgrade to a new mobo but since the computer was originally pre built it came with Windows 8 already on it. I am now wondering if I am completely screwed and have to buy Windows 8 or if there is some way I can get it back onto the new mobo I am going to buy.
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  1. You can get another hp board off ebay; otherwise, look for a new copy of windows 8 or 7 for any non hp board; I use craigslist, where they had a copy of 8 pro for $50 today.
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