Urgent help

well i m trying to decide weather i can add a 430 watt psu to my dx2390Mt

can anyone suggest a psu plz

is has a 250watt psu in it already
and any normal supply can't be fit in any suggestion on Micro Tower psu would be appreciated

and i m trying to slip in a nvidia gt440 in this system

my current system is

core2 duo 2.4ghz e4600
3gb ram (1 x 1gb and 1 x 2gb ddr2)
2x 250gb hdd
super combo from hp

plz help
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  1. Am I to understand that this HP computer has a non-standard case with a proprietary PSU design such that a regular PSU won't just slide right into it?

    I had a DELL case like that in the past. Metal Cutters > That Case. I just snipped out the metal that was in the way and slid the regular PSU into the case.

    That being said, you may want to consider getting a new case so you don't have these sorts of problems to begin with. You can get cheap cases for like $20 which are universal and don't have these sorts of problems.

    Not that I generally suggest such cases, because a good case goes a long way towards increasing the life of your parts, but its better than a non-universal case by any method of counting.
  2. Yeah I through an old HP mobo+psu into a standard ATX case for my mom. The mobo fit, just the screws on the PSU and the case didnt match up. Some zip-ties fixed that problem.

    You can buy cases with PSUs in them already, just do that, as you can use that case later if you upgrade/build a future machine. Also knowing how tight everything is in those f**king hp micro cases, you dont really want to be putting in a new PSU and graphics card. I know, because I've tried to switch HDs in one of those cases and almost threw the computer out the window.
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    Hi, Some good news.

    There are two different flavors of gt440. One is for OEM home theater use and draws 56 watts. The other is for retail: "The GeForce GT 440 for the retail market works internally at 810 MHz, has 512 MB of GDDR5 memory or 1 GB of DDR3 memory running at 1,800 MHz DDR through a 128-bit interface, 96 processors running at 1,620 MHz, and a TDP of 65 W."

    I assume you will be installing the second, but either version will work in your current PC without upgrading the 250 watt PSU. Just stick the card in and load drivers.

    Your processor, e4600, is spec'd with a max TDP of 65 watts, but draws less (the same chip with higher frequency also is listed at 65 watts). Adding the 12V required by your CPU and Gt440 and MB, etc, leads to a total requirement of maybe 120-150 watts of 12V at absolute peak. The 250 watt PSU will handle that no problem.

    If you do go with a new pwoer supply, and if you runs games at all, then look at getting a better video card than the gt440. Something like an HD 6670 uses roughly the same power as the GT 440 and is much quicker. Here is a reference for suggested cards,3085.html -- use the hierarchy chart at the back to compare cards or a something like this:

    Back to your real question: Open case, read label on your current power supply. Post model number. Post dimensions if given. Look for letters 'atx' on PSU.
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  5. well does the 6670 need an external 6 pin connector cause i can't provide that with psu

    its a lite on 250 watt psu thats all i can understand
    (Sorry for my lack of psu language understanding)
  6. The standard version of the Hd6670 does not need an external power connector, and is the strongest card that doesn't need one according to this source,3085-2.html

    There may be custom HD6670 versions that do need a cable, so check the specs on the model you are buying.

    Aside: The prior generation HD5670 is almost as fast as the 6670 and takes slightly less power, so if you find one of those at a significantly better price you could grab that too. Either will kill the GT 440.
  7. thiin i'll go with the 6670
    if thats the case i need to like wait like a month to buy it but i hope its worth it
    i was actually going after the 810mhz clock speed which the gt 440 has and also had 2gb 128 bit inno 3d

    and since i can get 800mhz clock speed with 6670 but i would get only 1gb and 128bit but i love ati cards they are best i had 4850 bit i got trashed with my old pc i m pretty low on budget thats why asking around since i was rarely interested in gpus still the 4850 was working like a charm for me

    thannks for yer help if i'll have any other problems i'll be sure to talk with ya on here
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