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Hey everyone!

I have Verizon FIOS with a MI424WR modem/wireless router combo. And basically what I want to do is set it up so my home users log onto and use the provided FIOS wireless router.

And then I want to set up a 192.168.2.x network using my Netgear N600 router for my webserver and the such.

My question is how do I configure the MI424WR Verizon FiOS router so that it sends internet to my netgear router? I plan to connect the routers with an ethernet cable and have them sitting next to one another. So in theory there are 2 wireless networks all streaming from the same WAN ip? Any info on how to do so would be great! Thank you.
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  1. You haven't explained why your webserver needs to be on a separate router, and by extension, a different subnet. Your objectives here could impact what’s the right configuration.

    [mi424wr](lan)<-- wire -->(wan)[n600]

    Anyone on the N600's subnet has complete access to any upstream networks, including the MI424WR and the Internet. Of course, to gain access to the webserver behind the N600 requires port forwarding on the N600. Users of the MI424WR would also need routing information to know how to find the N600's subnet (if that’s your intent).

    To make the webserver available to the Internet, you need to forward those same ports on the MI424WR. In that case, it might be easier to give the N600’s WAN a static IP from the MI424WR and place it in the DMZ of the MI424WR. That way, anything that would otherwise be blocked by the MI424WR’s firewall, will simply be redirected to the N600 where you can handle it there. It just makes things a little simpler.
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