Mouse not working in Windows 7 properly.

Hi, Ive searched through the forums, found out a lot of people had/have my same problem, but their solutions havent helped with my problem, so I will try here.

Whenever I go to open a tab in Firefox, close a program, highlight my task bar, click anywhere, windows won't register it and I cant do anything. Like other people, the temporary fix is it hit Ctrl+Alt+Delete and the problem goes away, but it always comes back.

I recently installed Sw:ToR and I think there seems to be a connection, for this problem hasnt happened to me before, only after I started playing this game. In The Old Republic, sometimes the UI will bug out and whenever I go to highlight a skill or a quickslot button, I was forced to reload the UI by hitting Ctrl+U twice. That would fix the problem in the game. That exact problem that is in this game has somehow made its way onto how my PC works. I can be clicking and highlighting things just fine, but for some reason, it just won't be able to highlight anything that is pinned to my task bar or even click anything there.

The mouse Im using is a Razor Deathadder 3500 and Ive updated everything for it, and still no fix.

This problem is driving me crazy, please let me know if Ive left out some important info. Thanks for your help and consideration.
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  1. Under device manager do you see a section labled razer? When you downloaded the drivers did you make sure to get the correct deathadder drivers? Did you have any old mouse drivers installed?
  2. Try completely uninstalling everything associated with the mouse: drivers, utilities, etc... run it all the way down to Microsoft's stock mouse driver, restart in safe mode(yea, i know) restart again. Check to see if you are still having problems, then reinstall the Razer's drivers.
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