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Im looking for a compatible motherboard with this tower. My moms fried and im not sure of her specs but she just bought a new tower instead of fixing it. I know it had 6gb ram so ill need 3slots and a quad core processor.. all stock parts from hp. My laptop is dying so im going to try to fix hers instead of buying a whole new computer, i just dont know how to tell if its compatible or not. Im trying not to spend over 80 on it because ill need a monitor as well.

I can go to her house and look at the parts if i need too but cannot right now. I had found a thread that had one that was available (all the really old threads list discontinued ones). Thanks in advance for the help!!
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  1. After some reading on other sites, someone with the same board used Gigabyte GA-78LMT-S2P.. would this one work for me as well? They had a p6320y and both have aPegatron M2N78-LA board. I know ill need a new copy of windows but i am not worried about that.


    These specs from their site sound like what it has from what i remember when she bought it.
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