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Hello everyone. I am currently getting more involved in the customization of Case fans, specifically adding LED's. (you can see pics from my first project here

I used red LED's on a black fan, and I am a little disappointed with how well the light gets reflected off of the blades. Would people suggest using clear fans? or would matching red blades with red LED's work best? Speculation as well as personal experience are quite welcome.

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    Black casing with a white or clear fan blade is my favorite looks wise. Using red on red wouldn't be bad, but it wouldn't pop as much as using white. If I had to chose I'd get the white over the clear, but that's my personal preference (well to be frank I prefer to not use fan LEDs at all, but that's neither here nor there).
  2. your link doesnt work :cry:

    best led fans i have used are silverstone air penetrators--they have the leds in the fan hub not the frame

    this gives far better results

    you basically see a full circle of light rather than the lines of light that other fans give

    heres a link that has some amongst a few other photos--and has a stock coolermaster fan next to them to

    compare--the coolermaster fans the one on the right

    they are actually better than the photo shows as my phone doesnt take great pics in low light
  3. I hadn't really considered using a white blade. I have a HAF 922, and the clear red 200mm up front almost disperses the light from those LED's too much.

    this is the fixed link (i hope) to my pics.
    I am actually planning on switching to orange LED's (which is simpler since I install the LED's on my own. looking around I think I will try both the cougar vortex (orange) and and the XIGMATEK orange fans. One has solid orange blades, and the other has transparent orange. I'm thinking that the clear orange might offer the best of both worlds.
  4. My Antec Tri-Cool BLUE LED fans probably won't do the trick for you; I see the lines feeding the LED light to the blades (on the top mounted/exhaust fans), but not on the front fans. My CPU fans are Xigmatek black fans with white LED ('cause I needed PWM 4-pin fans), and they don't light the fan blades at all (or the blue case fans are too bright to see the white CPU fans).

    In my wifes PC, I put Ximatek purple LED fans, and they seems to be more even with the lighting, although not very bright.

    I think you'd get better color if the fan is colored the same. My Antecs are clear, the Xigmateks are black, and my wifes are clear cased.
  5. If you're into LED light show Enermax Vegas line is what you're after, they don't call them Vegas for nothing, there's a chrome edge on each blade and they really show off, when I did the Cooling Fan Roundup 2012, the Enermax Vegas line, LED wise blew every other LED fan out of the water.

    The roundup link is in my sig.
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  7. Thanks everybody, I appreciate the input.
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