Motherboard sensor fault?

I have a Foxconn A6VMX motherboard and I think its developed a fault with the gpu fan sensor.

Even if I swap graphics cards the fan speed says 0%

also if I use manual fan control on EITHER of my graphics cards although it'll let me set 0%-100% there is no difference to the actual fan speed, the fan speed is iding (approx 20%?) and no matter what speed I set in manual control there is NO change to the actual fan speed. and this is on all three gpu's I've tried (radeon 4850, radeon 4670, geforce 8600gs)

Which leads me to believe it is motherboard based.

This is more than annoying as since the fan is locked at an idling speed, if I play any demanding game at all, the gpu overheats and the pc shuts down.

I was considering buying a new gpu but after trying three that I have, I've come to the conclusion the problem is mobo based and a new gpu would be the same.

any ideas how to fix the sensor or is it time I saved my pennies for 3-4 months and bought a new mobo?

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  1. No ideas anyone? :(
  2. I have a Pentium D950 3.4GHz running on a Foxconn 661 7MJ mainboard, and SpeedFan shows different temps than what I (assume) the sensors are actually reading.

    My BIOS readings show the system board to be running @ ~34C and the CPU @ ~32C, which is likely to be accurate when the system is idling in the BIOS setup. However, once Windows (XP SP3) is loaded, SpeedFan is reporting a CPU temp of ~30C and a system board temp of, get this, ~25C.

    Clearly these readings are incorrect, and I can't seem to get SpeedFan to override the CPU fan's speed, because the ~2,400 RPM it's sitting at in the BIOS setup is all I can get it to do with SpeedFan.

    To the point, I too have a Radeon 4670 AGP 8x card, and cannot override its fan speed, either. It stays (in SpeedFan) @ ~24% at all times, or so it reports.

    I, too, think it's an issue with the Foxconn boards.
  3. Hi!
    Did you find out what was wrong? I have the same kind of problem with my nvidia GTX 970, but this happened just after I bought it (I bought it used), so I think it might be the GPU and not the motherboard in my case.
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