New graphics card causing problems?

ok so i recently purchased a second 5770 for crossfire, for the first week or so it was working fine, not it seems unstable. its weird.

During games the cards work 100% fine, no problems. but while im doing something simple like using Microsoft Word or anything like that i get artifacts+freezes (display driver has stop responding and has recovered), blue screen crashes, and just now a random gray screen.

my specs

Ati 5770 x2 (1 Msi 5770, works fine, 1 Xfx 5770, causing the problems)
Amd phenom II 955 @ stock.
5gb ddr2 (2x2+1x1)
3 hdd's
msi-790xt-g45 mobo
Antec earthwatts 650w psu

at first i thought it was a driver issue, iv tried both 11.10 and 11.9. should i try 11.8?

then i thought it was maybe some kind of crossfire or PSU issue. But i tried using only the one xfx card alone and i still got the issues.

both cards are set to stock. Temps are normal. do you think if i pushed the voltage up to 1.25 or 1.3 without overclocking that would stabilize it?
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  1. If you have the issue using the one XFX card its likely bad. Just send it back.
  2. If you are not overclocking the cards then you shouldn't have to adjust the voltage. I am thinking that since you have two different manufacturers cards then there may be differences between the two , or in looking at your post again , have you tried the MSI card by itself and if so are you having the same problems with just the MSI card by itself. If not then I would say that the XFX card is defective and you should RMA the card before the 30 days is over.
  3. You answered your own question. If you have problems with the XFX card by itself, then it's faulty..........

    You do realize your not running your ram in the correct configuration right? You need 2 sticks or 4 sticks, not 3 sticks.
  4. well not sure what it was, but i tried switching the 5770s around and putting them in the opposite pci-e slots. a few days and no problems yet. so i think its fixed
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