New Build Won't power on

Hi all,

This is my first build and either I messed something up pretty good or missed something really stupid and simple. I installed the main components of my build into my case and tried to power up the unit to see if everything posted, but whenever i power it up (I've only connected the header to the case power switch) the power supply fan and the CPU cooler fan spin for a few seconds (~5 secs or so) and then stop. I have installed the memory, cpu, cpu cooler, mobo (obviously), and GPU and plugged them into the power supply as appropriate.

Currently in the case:
- core I5 2500k
- hypermaster 212 plus
- gskill ripjaws 16 gb DDR3 1600
- NVIDIA GeForce GTX560
- Gigabyte mobo (Z68MA-D2H-B3)

Any pointers as to where to start looking would be helpful
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  1. Do you have a stock cooler for the 2500k? If so, try it with that.

    Did you use thermal paste between the CPU and the cooler? If not then it is mandatory that you do use it.

    Did you push the RAM in hard? If not, try it because the RAM might not be all the way in.

    What is your PSU maker and model? If it isn't new how old is it?
  2. i do have the stock cooler, and I did use the thermal paste. PSU is a corsair HX750W professional series. The RAM is seated and the clasps/clips are all locked into place

    I just now tried the other connector (the PSU gives me an 8 pin that splits in half) from my PSU to the ATX 12V (4 pin) on the mobo and I got the machine to post. I suppose I didn't have it seated properly or (despite the manual), the mobo really does care which one of the 2 you pick.

    Thanks for the replies ... my own stupidity to blame. Kinda like being at work ... as soon as you ask for help, it starts working :-)
  3. Not real sure what the cause was, but I am glad it is working now.
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