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I recently came across 1x4gb 1600mhz RAM. My girlfriend's computer (i3/gtx650ti) Has 2x2gb RAM. I have installed the stick I found and it runs fine, but I was wondering how I should arrange the sticks. Should the 2x2gb be in dual channel and then the 4gb by itself, or stick one 2gb and the 4gb in dual channel and put the other 2gb by itself, or does it not matter at all? Thanks!
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  1. You can have dual channel with 2x2GB and 1x4GB, arrange for channel A : 2x2GB, channel B : 1x4 GB.
  2. So it would be best for me to run the 2x2gb in dual channel and then stick the 1x4gb by itself?
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    This is what you should do :

    You'll have a dual channel configuration.
  4. Is it all good to stick the 4gb module in the DIMM4 slot due to her CPU cooler blocking the first slot? Or should I take the heat sink off and stick it in DIMM3?
  5. Yes, it also can be done that way,
  6. Alright cool. Thanks man!
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