I need to buy a graphics card that will fit in my cpu

I have an hp dc7600 ultra slim desktop and i bought and asus 210 512mb and 1gb graphics card but it did not fit in my pc1x6 low profile slot and i am thinking of buying an nvidia 8600gt 512mb or 1gb but i am not sure that it will fit in my cpu or not i need help !!!!!!!
my Specs
Intel pentium d 820 2.80ghz
2 gb ram
Windows 7 ultimate 32 bit
Intel 82945g chipset
80 gb hardisk +500 gb external hardisk
200 w psu

I need a graphics card that will fit in my cpu will can fit in my pc and can run direct x10 games at medium settings
please i need a graphics card that can run and fit it my pc and if 8600gt can fit in my pc or not and some more graphics card that can fit in my cpu and run dx 10 games at medium settings!!!!!!!!!
thanks in advance
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  1. You won't be able to run many games at medium settings unless you pretty much upgrade to a whole new platform. Your cpu is very outdated and your power supply won't support any type of decent graphics card, not even that 8600gt which is not very powerful and not even worth buying at this point. Pretty much those type of slim form factor oem pc's are very hard to upgrade due to their small cases and puny power supplies, they are mostly reserved for office use.
  2. That computer is basicly good for surfing the web and office use and maybe some free games that come with Windows. You will not be able to play any modern games because those slim computers usually come with a 200w or 250w power supply and most up to date video cards require a 500w power supply. You also have a single core cpu which is again not for modern gaming. We are not trying to tear your computer down but you do have to realize what you have there and that if you want to run direct x 10 games you need a major overhaul of that computer if it were even possible or a new low budget computer.
  3. i will upgrade my psu but u plz tell me that if 8600gt will fit in my cpu or not!!!!!!!!
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