Is 500W good enough for a GTX 550 Ti?

Will a 500 watt power supply (3.3V@22A, +5V@25A, +12V1@18A, +12V2@18A, -12V@0.5A, +5Vsb@2.5A) be good enough for a GTX 550 Ti
(116W Maximum Graphics Card Power (W)
400W Minimum System Power Requirement (W))


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  1. you can get that psu for cheaper with the same specs. and antec are a much more reliable brand than coolermaster. You could also opt for an AMD 6770, which gives the same performance as the 550ti but consumes a lot less power.
  2. I actually already have the PSU I mentioned, so will it be able to run a 550 ti or 6770?
  3. If you want to objectively, accurately and scientifically determine what PSU power is required for your Vid card and PC in both watts and 12v rail amps., the forum Utility link below will show you how easy it is to calculate this information and objectively determine which PSUs are quality built, reliable PSUs that can meet your needs. Be advised that the available 12v rail amps. is just as important as the total PSU wattage. You need both to be correct.
  4. ... but you already have the PSU :/

    yeah the 6770 consumes less power, produces less heat while gaming - is a 5770 with a slight overclock - 880Mhz compared to 800/850 on 5770 and comes with a 6xxx series badge.

    GTX 550Ti - consumes more power, dumps more heat, performs on par with 5770 and also comes with can overclock it as well...
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