Newly installed radeon hd 6670 drivers constantly crashing.

Just bought a new radeon hd 6670 and a new 500w psu from futureshop. psu installed fine.
I installed my new video card, all excited go to run counterstrike, and it crashes. My computer will freeze for a moment, unfreeze, and i get a "driver has crashed and fixed" in the bottom right corner. If I try to run any game, or run the visualization on winamp, etc, I get this error, or sometimes a bsod. I also get it sometimes while just browsing my computer/internet. I have tried uninstalling/reinstalling the latest drivers several times. I tried using driversweeper as well. This hasn't worked. What's the problem here?
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  1. Almost forgot. I'm running a dell dimension 5150 with windows 7 64bit. 3 gigs of ram. Intel pentium d dual core
  2. did you install the latest drivers? Dunno but looking around the forums seems everyone has been having problems with the drivers.

    That psu. What make and model is it
  3. Yeah latest drivers from amd website, 11.3 I believe? rocketfish 500w psu
  4. Well I also have been having driver issues to the point where Im about to give up on AMD for a while, but 11.3 are not the newest ones at all, Im running 11.10 beta but the 11.9 are new enough as well.

    here is a link to the 11.10
  5. Thanks, I'll give that a shot. They seem to be doing a bit better now, managed to get counter strike running for 5 minutes, left four dead crashed right away, winamp visualization was working
  6. "warnings occured during installation" the drivers crashed during install. come to think of it, I think this happened when I installed the others as well. log:

    Catalyst™ Install Manager
    Installation Report
    10/29/11 15:32:14

    Hardware information
    Name AMD Radeon Graphics Processor
    Manufacturer Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
    Device ID 0x6758
    Vendor ID 0x1002
    Class Code 0x030000
    Revision ID 0x00
    Subsystem ID 0xe194
    Subsystem vendor ID 0x1092
    Other hardware
    Existing packages
    AMD Catalyst Install Manager
    AMD APP SDK Runtime
    AMD Display Driver
    HDMI/DP Audio Driver
    Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable
    AMD Drag and Drop Transcoding
    Packages for install
    AMD Catalyst Install Manager
    Final Status: Success
    Version of Item: 3.0.847.0
    Size: 20 Mbytes
    AMD APP SDK Runtime
    Final Status: Success
    Version of Item: 2.5.775.2
    Size: 90 Mbytes
    AMD Display Driver
    Final Status: Success
    Version of Item: 8.901.2.0000
    Size: 90 Mbytes
    HDMI/DP Audio Driver
    Final Status: Success
    Version of Item:
    Size: 1 Mbytes
    Final Status: Success
    Version of Item:
    Size: 3 Mbytes
    Final Status: Success
    Version of Item:
    Size: 6 Mbytes
    AMD Media Foundation Decoders
    Final Status: Success
    Version of Item: 1.0.61016.2208
    Size: 1 Mbytes
    Catalyst Control Center
    Final Status: Success
    Version of Item: 2011.1016.2228.38487
    Size: 150 Mbytes

    Other detected devices
    Manufacturer Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
    Device ID 0xaa90
    Vendor ID 0x1002
    Class Code 0x040300
    Revision ID 0x00
    Subsystem ID 0xaa90
    Subsystem vendor ID 0x1092

    Error messages
  7. when did you get this error ?
  8. during install of that 11.10 and before during install of 11.9
  9. just crashed again >_<
  10. This happened while attempting to play cs a few times, sometimes just in the game menu. "failed to lock vertex buffer in cmeshdx8::lockvertexbugger
  11. tried to update my bios and got a "an error occurred trying to get windows to allow flashing"
  12. Hmmmmm, Im sorry to hear that... It might be a bad card... have you tried another card perhaps?
  13. my old geforce 5600 works fine. I don't believe it's the card because searching for a solution to the problem I've found many people have had similar issues, but I haven't found a solution yet for my particular case
  14. Have you tried another ATI card with those drivers ?
  15. No unfortunately I don't have one
  16. My friend has a radeon 5450 i'll give that a shot when i get a moment
  17. Good luck
  18. insouciantsoul said:
    No unfortunately I don't have one

    I have the same problems with my all started when i installed 'WoW' he kept crashing on the directx 11 prefs in the graphics menu...i can't get Fall-out 3 to work...Bad Company 2 i have start-up 6 times before it works :S in some other old games the shaders are really weird (not always there and random spawns of light)

    updated everything, reïnstalled drivers etc etc...the last thing i'm going to try is backclock my Ati card with Asus Smartdoctor. Sometimes i could be the problem that your graph clock speed is not in sync with you processor clock.. (maybe rumours)

    I can't see much problems in downgrading the clock speed a bit just to see if it works.

    But the only strange part is that my ati card always workt fine (before installing that blasted game)
  19. Same problem Here...
    so RaiKohNL and insouciantsoul ... you found a solution for this problem or should I replace the card or what??

    I've tried almost everything..except my PSU..I have a Coolermaster 400W. Do I need to change it ? :(
  20. Ok so, i bought the same 6670 radeon, and same issues. It crahsed every once in a while.
    But after getting very frustrated, i found a solution.

    So this is a trick, i doesnt not solve like the core problem, but it will definately help ya a lot!

    SOLUTION ------------------------------------------------------------------------ SOLUTION:
    Go to ur AMD Catalyst Control Center.
    Go to the Performance tab.
    Click Enable Graphics Overdirve.
    Put ur GPU clock setting to the minimum (500Mhz).

    Now go ahead an have fun!

    Btw, to check if it actually worked, change from minimum graphcis requirements to max graphcis requiremetns in the game that ur playing. Well this works for me, and I love it. Eventhough yeah... u dont get the most out of ur card. At least u can use it.

    If this works for ya, try to change the GPU value to maybe 550 mhz, and then to 600Mhz and so forth. Till before ur computer crashes again. GL!
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