Want to add more ram but slots not working

I have a P5K motherboard. My computer is running well but i want to increase the ram.

The slots are paired together, one yellow and one black slot in each pair. I currently have the first pair with 2 x 2 GB sticks. I have tried to add 2 x 2 GB sticks into the second pair and the computer starts up but nothing displays on the screen (ie the BIOS doesnt run). I have tried adding just one stick to the yellow slot and then just one stick to black slot of the second pair but it has the same result.
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  1. what type of RAM do you have and have you checked for compatability with your MOBO?
  2. try the new memory in the first channel alone also look at this faq for memory issue http://www.asus.com/Motherboard/P5K/#support_QVL after check the qvl list to see if yuor new memory is on and have compatibility with the one you already have .
  3. You didn't say which P5K board you have but I believe the max memory for most was 8Gb. Do you have a 64bit OS installed?
  4. It appears that after switching the ram sticks around that one of the sticks if faulty. Is this common? I havent had troubles before.
  5. sometimes this could happens if those sticks are sold as dual channel rma both sticks .
  6. hmmm ok - I may take them back to the store.

    My P5K board has a max memory of 8GB and I am running 64gb Windows 8.

    I have checked the compatability of the ram and all 4 stick are the same.
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