Power outage - is my MB a goner?

So, I was watching videos late into the night in the middle of a thunderstorm when a very brief power outage occurred. This has happened to me countless time on account of me living in Texas. Obviously I had to re-boot my computer afterwards. When I pressed the power button it started up making all the normal sounds and what-not, only the difference is my mouse and keyboard (both made by razor, and are covered by fancy LED lights) will not light up or receive power. My monitor receives no signal either. I wondered if it was the monitor so I put on headphones and waited about 10 minutes to hear the windows boot jingle... Nothing. I would also like to note that I hear no beeps coming from the MB.

Additional info:

As for the power supply, it is also equipped with LED lighting. These lights are on, and the computer seems to be receiving power on account of the fans also spinning.

When this occurred, I was using a 6-month old surge protector with only 2/8 plugs being used. 1 for the monitor, and 1 for the power supply.

Software? Windows 7 Professional.
Hardware? well, this is a more difficult question on account of it being a slightly aged build, and without access to my hard drive (which is where I saved my specs) I cannot recall, nor can I recall anything from memory.
My power supply is 700w, and I believe I use an i7 920 processor, 20% overclocked. I know for a fact my VC is the Nvidia GeForce 660 ti. I know my MB is no longer made, and my processor requires a very specific MB for its socket. With this info my friend was able to tell me on-the-spot what MB im using, Im hoping yall can do the same. I am versed enough that I built this computer from the ground-up without issue.
However, I'm no tech veteran, so brand and model names do not come to me naturally.

Ive got 20 bucks to my name, so it'll be weeks before I can do anything about this problem. So, how screwed am I?
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    I would firstly try borrowing a power supply and test.
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