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Okay, I have a lady friend of mine needing a laptop. Shes on a budget but needing something to get her by for a few years. Like a 300-400$ max budget. I have looked around for deals, and not really sure which laptops are worth a dang as far as performance so i decided why not try and build one. Ive built several gaming desktops, and know all the basics, BUT I have never messed with laptops, PERIOD. I dont mind the challenge of figuring it out and doing the work if you think it will save money and get more of a PC for the $. I dont know where to start tho. whats good, whats bad, where to buy the "barebook" or what brand of barebook, or what is compatable with which barebook. Any info to get me started would be appreciated.
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  1. I haven't heard of anyone trying something like this in the last few months.

    I don't even know that the resources you want are available anywhere at all.

    They are just not meant for this sort of thing.

    I would highly suggest you just try to buy one on a good deal instead of trying to build one.
  2. Why would you want to build a laptop? Just buy one. Here are a few within you price range.

    1. $380
    2. $399

    i know the first one doesn't have the "i" series processor and the second one is recertified, but in your price range that's all your gonna get.
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