Out of loop for yearish need upgrade advice?

ok heres what i have right now. i'm running a 1090t and 1 asus 5870 matrix. i've been out of the loop for about a year on cards and cpus. having just bought bf3 i'm now wondering what are my options on upgrading? i know the new 8 cores are out but have read mixed review. what about video card? whats my best option now? would it be stupid or impossible to buy another card like i have, (noticed i could get some on ebay/forums/etc) but the price tag is still quite high. is my current setup worth upgrading to get better performance? whats the best option on a video card? full set up is as follows:

1090t @ 4100mhz
asus 5870 matrix
8 gb mushkin
100 gb ssd ocz vertex 2
corsair 850w PS
corsair h70
asus crosshair iv


if i was just going to go ahead and buy a new amd processor, video card and motherboard whats the best option for each 3.

thx guys!
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  1. too much to answer on the wrong section of the forum, but i can answer one thing out of all you posted.

    is my current setup worth upgrading to get better performance?

    no, definitely not even for another 1.5 years or a lil longer.

    for info about GPU upgrade ONLY cos of BF3 - read this

    seriously with that matrix - you need not look any further than under your nose...or next to it if that rig is next to you :lol:
  2. i think your computer is fine, but if you must. i suggest a heavily overclocked 2500k (2600k if you use 8 threads often) on a good z68 board with 2 unlocked and overclocked 6950
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