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Here are my specs.
Asus P8Z68-V Pro
EVGA GTX 580 x2
16gig Corsair Vengeance
1200w Antec

Tonight I installed an aftermarket cooler and installed it.

After installation I've had issues booting. At first, it would start, the fans would spin and then turn off and the red cpu light would be on. I realized that I had forgotten to plug in the CPU power plug.

At this point it boots, I hear the beep, and then an error code indicating that there is a hardware failure. It is one long beep and then four short beeps, and then a fifth beep after a pause.

I have checked call other components and they are properly plugged in. None appear to be damaged in anyway. I currently see the vga and boot device lights lit up.

How should I proceed?
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  1. Going to suggest first try removing and then replacing ram module(s)(with computer off and unplugged) if that doesn't work you can try resetting CMOS. Are you sure you have the proper cable into the CPU plug (not a PCIe cable).
  2. My brother and I made some more progress today.

    I was up early for work and so I was able to see if I could make any progress. When he came down, I told him that I couldn't get it to boot because of a hardware failure.

    I had to leave for work for the day, so I told him where the LED lights were on the mobo and what they indicated. He plugged a monitor into the motherboard's video input and got it to boot. There was an error message indicating that there was an error with the CPU fan.

    He went into BIOS and into the Monitor tab. He set the CPU fan RPM to 'ignore' and said he was able to boot to login just fine.

    I've just arrived home myself. I booted the computer up, I have the monitor in the GPU input. After the splash screens, I come to this black screen with eight blue dashes in the top left corner of the screen. They aren't blinking or anything.

    I've seen them before, but they usually only lasted a few seconds. It's been up for about ten minutes. I don't know what this indicates, but that's where I'm at now.

    The mobo is no longer making any error beep codes.
  3. This black screen occurs after the screen that tells me Windows did not shut down properly, and to try booting into safe mode to recover.

    I've attempted "Reboot with regular settings" and then I get the black screen with the eight dashes.

    I'm able to boot into Safe mode just fine.
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