Asus M4A79XTD EVO problem with DIMM B1 & B2 slots

This is the first time I'm writing here. Recently, I encountered an astonishing problem. I'm completely dumbfounded and clueless. So any help is greatly appreciated. Now, the issue: Whenever I install RAM in DIMM B1&B2 the system doesn't boot up. I tried other RAMs and nothing changed. This problem occured suddenly. I mean I was working with computer and next time I turned it on, computer stopped working. Here is what I have done so far: 1) update BIOS 2) nearly every single steps in this topic :
3) prayed to God 4) Now, I'm here asking for your help
Thanks in advance,
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  1. Heyyy! Is there anybody here? I feel lonely and cold! :((
  2. Jesus! Don't tell me there is nobody knowing few tricks for this! Where are the professionals! Are u asleep!
  3. Poke!
  4. I want to know if there is any other thing that I can do besides what was said in the above link? Any suggestion?! I'm getting dissappointed with tomshardware!
  5. I have just started to get this problem on the Asus M4A79T Deluxe, my screen said your pc will shut down to prevent damage. So i started back up the saw funny lines then BSOD, now after BSOD no boot. At first i thought i could only use A1 slot but now i found out i can use A1 & A2 if i put any ram in any of the B1 or B2 slots no boot, did you get this orted mate. And i know for sure my ram is fine.
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