GTX 460 Running very hot while gaming. Any tips?

Hey guys! By no means am I an expert in this field so be nice lol. I bought a new rig around 2 weeks ago. Runs pretty well however I have noticed my GPU getting very hot in some high demanding games like Crysis 2 for some reason.

My specs:

CPU: AMD Athlon II AM3 X640 45nm 3.0ghz Overclocked to 3.4ghz (pre-overclocked)
RAM: 4gb Corsair DDR3 1600Mhz
Motherboard: ASRock N68C-S UUC
PSU: Corsair CX 500W
GPU: Palit Nvidia GTX 460v2 (
Fans: 1 large Front/bottom intake fan, one side intake fan & no rear exhaust fan for some reason. My PSU has a large extraction fan which i "believe" is extracting some air.. not sure.

So I have been playing Crysis 2 with Extreme graphics settings with the DX11 and high texture features on. Ive tried lowering my settings and turning on and off vsync to see will my temps drop but to no avail.

Currently my gpu operates 32-34 idle and 82-86 degrees on load while playing crysis 2 at 1680 x1050 22" LG monitor/tv. The fan is almost always running at 80-90% which is really loud and is frankly putting me off gaming as my family can hear it in the next rooms at night!
Ive tried MSI Afterburner with a few fan profiles like 1degree fan % for every 1degree temp increase and 70% always but its still around those temps.

So do you think that not having a rear extractor fan is the problem? Ive heard that these Palit cards run hot, but its the noise of the damn fan that is doing my head in!!

Please help you can, Ive never had to deal with these issues before.

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  1. Is the card overclocked?
    What is the temps your normally getting?
    How's the ventilation in your case? When last did you give it a good cleaning by blowing out the dust etc etc
  2. The card is as i bought it from Palit, I think they have overclocked it themselves to 778mhz.
    Idle temps are like 32-34 degrees while at max load playing crysis 2 at extreme settings its like 85 degrees!
    My system is brand new so there is no dust on anything.
    Ventilation shoudl be fine as I have a large intake fan at the bottom front and a side intake fan aswell however the manufacturer hasnt put a rear extractor into the case.

    Read my post, all of this is explained in detail.
  3. Maybe you should add another exhaust fan? that psu fan on it's own wont be good i doubt you're doing the psu any favours by giving it hot air to breathe...those CX supplies are rated for a operating temp of 30*C anyway...your temps are a bit on the high side...

    i have a 9600GT by leadtek...old now, noisy as hell on any fan setting so i just keep it on full...around 54dB measured from my chair... goes till 60 when i measure it from close...

    anyway, it remains on 52 idle these days with an ambient of 29-31*C after underclocking it by 50%.

    7% OC + crysis 2 set to high on 1024x768 sends it to around 74, highest i've seen it go in summers is 81*C.

    My ventilation sucks though, 90CFM intake + around 40CFM exhaust fans, with the PSU fan working as well. i have a VGA duct so it still gets some fresh air from there.

    Stats aside, your temps could be because of the OC, and maybe because hot air isn't being removed quickly enough.

    What're your CPU temps like? if they're cool then must be the OC...but seriously, add and exhaust fan...
  4. Thanks for the help mate! Yes I am definitely going to get an exhaust fan, no idea why there was not one on when i bought it...

    My cpu idles around 22c. I ran Crysis 3 and it got to around 42c max, prob would be more after several hours..

    Have you any suggestions as to a good rear extractor fan? I would want a quiet as possible with a decent price range of course.
  5. Your CPU's fine, mine runs well above that lol.

    That said, it seems to be local to your card...have a word with palit about this maybe...

    Cooler master makes nice quiet do antec. check the noise levels and airflow, 30dB and below are silent, 20 and below are very, very quiet. around 40 CFM (cubic feet per minute) of airflow should be good for an exhaust fan, since you already have the PSU fan working too.

    do you have any clue about the intake airflows?
  6. Speed up the fan more with Msi Afterburner. The Gtx 460 thermal limit is 104. Get it to run near a hundred percent at load.
  7. I had, and I emphasize "had" a Palit because of heat issues. Turn the fan speed up so it runs at 100% at 70c and 75% at 60c, etc. Try and stay ahead of the heat.
  8. Might be the core voltage on the GPU is too high .....I run an ASUS GTX460 , factory OCed @ 775 MHz and Vcore is 0.962V , if that helps .

    Mine idles at around 32'C and does around 59-62'C in Dirt3 and BFBC2 @ 1360x768 and auto fan control enabled . I did add a side fan a coupla days back , but it failed to have any sorta impact coolingwise

    Do a bit of downclocking just to monitor the temperatures ;)
  9. Now running 88c with 100% fan speed on crysis 2 and the sound is horrendous. I think im gonna stick a large exhaust fan in, want to go 120mm but i think its the standard 80mm grill on my case which is the CIT Saturn gamers case (

    As you can see there is one 120mm front intake and a 80mm side intake but no exhaust!

    I also monitored my cpu temp, with about 22-24c idle and 43 maxed out on crysis 2 extreme settings and my cpu is OC from 3.0 to 3.4 all 4 cores. So would i be right to think the heat is local to the gpu?

    I was thinking of this fan maybe:
    Again thanks for your input!
  10. I'd think about an after market cooler. I know the back ends ( where the power plugs in and circuitry ) has a great effect on heat generation. A case fan will do nothing to draw that heat out.
  11. I just noticed that my wi-fi card was slotted tight infront of my gup's fan, so I removed it. This has dropped the temp by about 8c or so.

    My card covers all my slots except one which is really a tight squeeze even for a thin wi-fi card. I doubt I would be able to fit a cooler in there at all on my ASRock N68s-c uuc mobo.

    I am going to buy a rear exhaust fan today, I think my grill can hold 80mm or 92mm going by the two holes sizes in there. Thinking of either:

    1. Zalman ZM-F2-FDB 92mm
    2. Scythe Kama Flow2 92mm 2200 RPM

    Also thinking of replacing the front lower 120mm intake fan on the case with a high spec fan to increase cfm also. Thinking of:

    1. AeroCool Shark 120mm
    2. Arctic Cooling Arctic F12 3-pin

    On my ASock N68s-c uuc mobo I can only see one chassis fan 3 pin connector so I will prob connect the rear extractor to the PSU and the front intake to the mobo so I can control the beast!

    Any opinions of these fans? I think they will extract well
  12. I have same v2 and it never get above 70 C. I am crunching Boinc with 100% usage 24/7 and amd 6870 is running 80 C above it and fx-8120 BD. You might have had really bad luck and got hot gpu. Of cource adding more fans to case would help. I have 6xscythe getle typhoon 1850s and 2x corsair h100 fans. 4 gt's out of 6 are pushing and pulling Corsair H100 in top of my case and 2xgt+corsair fans are intake fans. So i have a bit better airflow, but alot more hardware generating huge amount of heat. Your v2 should be around 75 C and i really think getting better fans would make your temps to drop. You can always try to mod 80 fan place for 120 fan and make a hole to bottom for another 120 fan. Scythe gentle typhoon 1300-1850 rpm move air very well, but some say might be too loud(i don't think so or my gts are golden).
  13. hmm you may be right mate I may have gotten a bad card unfortunitly however Im starting to think my case is just poor with bad air flow. I currently have one 120mm fron intake fan and one 80mm side intake fan. Both are bog standard, no manufacturer even printed on them so im guessing their cfm is terrible. Going to replace the 120mm with this beast which should keep it cool alongside a rear

    If that dont work I think ill just play it til the card burns lol (hopefully before warranty runs out) HA!
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