Mouse being controlled by script or virus

My mouse randomly moves and clicks around the screen at random times.
I switched off the internet-> still happening.
unplugged my mouse and its still moving around
Scanned with AVG, MalwareBytes and both come up without any results. I want to try everything before formatting as a last resort. Any help would be greatly appreciated
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  1. Must be your keyboard too. It posted the same thing twice. Did you try a different mouse? If it's a PS2 one, don't plug it in when the computer is running.
  2. Oh no i posted it on security in hindsight but I don't how to delete the thread from general
  3. is this a wireless mouse? If so is there anyone else in your household using another wireless mouse?
  4. No, its a wired mouse
  5. Try a different mouse? Go pick up a cheap Microsoft mouse and try it out.
  6. I've unplugged the mouse and it was still being controlled so that wouldn't work
  7. look for a tiny wireless mouse reciever in one of you USB ports on the back? I think someone is having a go at you
  8. i never heard this one before.... LOL........... go into the device manager and uninstall the mouse. unplug mouse. reboot/plug back in and let windows find it...
  9. Try running your computer in safe mode,go into msconfig, click on startup tab then disable and re-enable each startup entry in order to isolate the program causing the random mouse movements.
  10. It's at random recently it been happenung around 11 pm but the rest of the day its fine. And there's no usb dongle it defiantly spyware
  11. Could somebody be using using Remote Desktop Connection?
  12. No, RDC is disabled
  13. Do you have ANY wireless input device( keyboard, joystick, gamepad)?
  14. Yes, Wireless keyboard and mouse reciever but no mouse is connected to it and i've unplugged the receiver,mouse and unscrewed the antenna to my wireless card at the same time and the mouse still moved. Its some sort of script
  15. could be some kind of interference from another electronic item in the house.........or from your neighbor, etc. Wireless, who knows. did you think of trying a wired mouse and uninstalling the software for the other ?
  16. Des123 said:
    No, its a wired mouse
  17. probably worth mentioning that i have a pirated copy of Win 7
  18. Des123 said:
    probably worth mentioning that i have a pirated copy of Win 7

  19. Tom's Hardware doesn't provide support to those running piraetd software!
  20. This topic has been closed by Area51reopened
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