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GeForce 210 as physx card?

I bought a GeForce 210 to hold my system over (no onboard video) till my new build gets here because my 9800gt died. I was wondering if i could use the 210 as a dedicated physx card? Its a pretty crappy card, would it actually benefit my new system to run as phyx or will it just hold it back?

New System:

ASUS z68 pro gen mobo
Intel i5 2500k
8gb dd3 1600
evga gtx 580 3gb
Intel 510 120gb SSD
750W PSU
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  1. nope!

    edit: as in, its not usable as a physx card. if i recall. if im wrong someone please correct me =P
  2. I think your 580 would do better on its own than with the 210, 210 is a pretty shitty card. You could always simply try it to find out for certain. I wouldn't.
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    The 210 is not a very good PhysX card. The GTX 580 can handle everything on its own.

    What PhysX games do you play?

  4. A card needs at least 32 stream processors to be used for physx, the 210 only has 16, so no it can't be used.
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  6. THanks guys, im just not even going to bother with it
  7. good call.
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