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Hi guys im just wondering about this spec and i was just curious do u think there is anything wrong with these specs or if theres something you would advise to change if so im welcome to all suggestions this is the spec so far oh btw i really want dual GFX so yea heres the spec of what i picked out so far:

Motherboard - Asus M5A97 PRO 970
CPU - AMD 960T Black Edition 3.0GHz
RAM - G-Skill 8GB (2x4GB) DDR3 1600Mhz RipjawsX Memory Kit
Cooling - Arctic Freezer 13 Pro High Performance CPU Cooler
GFX - 2 x ATI HD 6870 1GB GDDR5
PSU - OCZ ZS Series 750W 80+ Bronze PSU with 135mm Fan & single +12V Rail
HDD - WD 750GB Caviar Green 3.5" SATA-III
Case - Sharkoon T9 Case - Green Edition

ok theres the spec if theres anything wrong please do not hesitate to tell me and just incase someone needs to kno i have a budget of about £800 - £850

oh btw its not a prebuilt pc this is what i am looking on building
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  1. Unless you really want to save the squirrels and bears, get the Caviar black. I have several green drives that are slow a crap. The black drives noticeably quicker in seeking and throughput.

    It will be the best extra £10 you ever spent. I like everything else. Why have all that memory, a fast chip, 2 gpus, and then an ECO drive to fuel them. LOL
  2. what do u think about the PSU some people have told me i would need at least 950w PSU just to power the GPU's but when i did a research on the power consumption it said 331 watts per gpu
  3. It couldn't hurt to get a better PSU. If you don't overclock, you may be fine. But if you tweak crap like me, you may want to upgrade. Besides, what is the point of getting a BE processor if you don't turn the dial up. Same goes for the 6870's.
  4. The caviar green drives are total greenwashing. They save like two watts of power or something.
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