Computer does not turn on nor boot

So here my situation that i really hope someone could give me a solution.
I have a samsung phone that i plugged into my HP d530 sff and when i took the cable out after ejecting my phone it turned off. So i unplugged it and plugged it back in and press the power button but nothing. I changed the PSU and same outcome does not turn on nor any beeps. Although i noticed tat on the motherboard the green led blink on and off.
Can someone tell me what tp dp next or if there nothing else to do?
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  1. i think your motherboard is screwed.
  2. ah man don't tell me that...
  3. marshal11 said:
    i think your motherboard is screwed.
  4. So heres an update about my small dilenma,so it was the motherboard.I found a spare one online for a few bucks and just slid it in and problem solved.
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