More ATI and BF3 problems

So I looked around the forums but no one seemed to be able to help me with my problem so I'll try to open a thread about this then.

I had just got my 5850 back from sapphire and its a brad new card, they replaced the old one due to some pixel problems. So I clean installed Windows (64bit) installed mobo drivers and so on, then I installed BF3 and here are where the problems begin, the game would just not start. It would flash a black screen and say that the drivers crashed and just recovered, I was running 11.9 drivers at the time.

So then I said screw this and reinstalled windows again, and went to install the 11.10 drivers, and the system seemed to work ( I was so excited ) but wait, I kept installing all of my drivers and once I installed my G15 and G930 Logitech drivers the game stopped working and would get stuck on Initializing. so I reinstalled Origins and the game and uninstalled the logitech drivers. Okay so the game works now but I cant install the drivers I need :(

Other games like MW2 and Portal 2 work fine but then I install Team speak and again it all goes to *** and no game works and the display drivers crash again....

I am broke as of now but if I wasnt I would totally just give up on AMD forever >:(

Please help me get my computer working!

i5 2500k
H60 cooler
500gb WD hhd
700w zelman PSU
Z68 motherboard
Storm Scout case
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  1. Forget the voice software and forget the Logitech software. FYI I own a G15 and I don't allow any Logitech software on it. I consider it Bloat.

    Once you carefully eliminate Bloat and reduce the amount of crap on your computer while it is running until you have enough to be stable with everything working.

    You can always save a few dollars here and there until you accumulate the necessary funds to upgrade. Fortunately prices fall each month or quarter.
  2. BF3... just like always, many issues running that game...
    And if you search more, these issues aren't happened only with AMD, but Nvidia as well.
  3. Do BF3 worked last night and when I woke up today it crashes the display drivers and I didnt even touch it, I also check other games like MW2 and it seems to work but just with little problems here or there...

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