I7 3820, is it worth it

At this point and i have a fx-8150. I have been a HUGE Amd fan boy for the longest time.

I am ready to give in to intel, i honestly do not see a difference from my 975 x4. Also, after AMD said something about not making CPU's to compete w/ intel. It seems like a loss on my end.

I bought the FX-8150 the day it was released, i bought it on good faith.

I guess my question is, what board and CPU should i aim for?

I wanted something that could be future proof for a few years, but my budget is about 550 dollars for a board and CPU.

I also have a HD 6970 video card. I know the graphics card is a bit outdated, but it still serves me.

I was thinking of the I7-3820 where it has the new socket type, it seems future proof. Also the i7-3820 has 10 MB of L3 cache over the 2700k which only has 8MB cache. Is it a noticeable difference?

Well thanks, i am sort of a noob.

My Comp:
Fx 8150
16 gig of ddr3
HD 6970
120 GB Mushkin Chronos SSD
750 GB SeaGate Barracuda
2TB external HD
Antec Kuhler 620
700w Apevia PSU

Once again thank you
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  1. No point of getting the 3820 over the 2600k. First, I would suggest getting a better power supply and much better cooling. I seriously recommend you go custom liquid cooling on the FX-8150 because they OC like wolfdales (if you know what i mean :D ) You should be able to get a high overclock easily and you will notice a much better performance boost. As for the extra money, spend it on another 6970 for crossfire.
  2. This is a dumb question.

    I only have one monitor, will the crossfire make a difference then?
  3. Resolution?
  4. Ok i answered my question,

    where i already have a 6970, does it have the same exact one? newegg does not have the same one.

    I have a powercooler hd 6970, so if i were to get the Asus 6970 can i run crossfire?
  5. res is 1920x1080
  6. Yes. It will be much better!
  7. thanks man
  8. Best answer
    There is no reason to buy an i7-3820. You are better off saving some money and get an i5-2500k. Or you can wait for the Ivy Bridge socket 1155 to come out at the end of the month. Performance gains will be relatively small though in my opinion.

    There is really no point in XFiring another HD 6970 on a 1920x1080 resolution monitor. However, it's your choice. You do not have to buy the exact same card for XFire. All you need is another HD 6970.
  9. Wow thank you
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