Format failure with IBM 75GXP and Win2k

I have 2 IBM 75GXP hard drives (30GB & 45GB), which I
planned on using for a dual boot system (Win98 & Win2k).
Problem is, I am unable to format either with Win2k NTFS
during the install process.

Boot with the Win2k CD, and pick one of the hard drives.
Parition that drive (have tried several and only 1 partition)
Select a partition for install.
Select format in NTFS.
Format reaches 100%, and then message appears saying that
format failed, disk could be bad.

My System:
Asus A7V bios 1005C
AMD 800MHz

I have tried connecting only one drive at a time, and have
tried using both the IDE and the ATA interface (and hitting
F6 during Win2k install to select Promise drivers on disk).

I am able to format and install Win98 on either drive
without any problem (with or without running FDISK first).

I have also downloaded IBM's DFT tool to test the drives,
and they return an OK.

Since Win98 can use either drive without problem, but
both are failing in the same manner with Win2k format,
it is begining to seem as if Win2k has some problem with
these drives, but in all the posts that I have read no one
has ever reported quite this problem.

Any ideas?
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  1. There is a problem with the Promise ata100 controller that seems to manifest itself when creating large partitions. I received this information from a reputable software vendor when I opened a problem ticket with them regarding the creation of large partitions on an a7v.

    Try to use the standard ide controllers, without any Promise drivers. You should be able to do the partitions using this setup.

    Let us know if it works.
  2. I have tried both the IDE and the ATA port to format the

    When I have formated (and installed Win98)on one of the drives (which always works), I can manually format the
    other through windows (as FAT32), but then when I try to
    install Win2k (and reformat that drive as NTFS), that
    format fails.

    It seems as if there is something about these drives
    that Win2k (or my motherboard) doesn't like.
  3. Have you tried installing Win 2K on a fat partition? If this works you can then convert the partition to NTFS with no data loss.
  4. >>Have you tried installing Win 2K on a fat partition? If this works you can then convert the partition to NTFS with no data loss.<<

    That would be my advice..especially since you are not tryin to raid them.. on the motherboard's native ATA controller use fdisk.. create the partition.. install Win2k..install promise drives.. then you can switch it to the promise controller if you want.

    ***Hey I run Intel... but let's get real***
  5. I was able to format the drive partitions as FAT32, and
    then convert to NTFS without problem!

    Thanks guys!

    I would still like to know why I could not directly format
    my drives using NTFS...
  6. I am having very simular prob.
    I have promise ultra100 controller
    2 10GB ultra100 Maxtor drives
    1 6.4GB ata33 drive running off system board with win2000 server installed.

    I also am trying to Span the volume across both disks.
    convert from fat32 to NTFS works but after reboot 1 drive goes ofline

    any more info?
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