BSOD Upon Loading the Internet; CD/DVD Drive causing boot to fail

I recently finished building my first computer, and I have found that I get a BSOD when I load the internet. The BSOD in question is the IQRL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL error. I have no idea why this is happening. I also cannot boot when I have a CD/DVD drive hooked up. I get an error saying that the machine failed to find a suitable boot device. I only have one IDE port and I am running the hard drive as Master and the CD/DVD drive as slave. The machine is running Windows Vista 32 Bit and has a 3.2 Ghz processor and two gigs of ram.
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  1. what are the code after this
  2. Please list the maker and model of all of your parts and I do mean all of them.
    Video Card
    DVD Drive
    Hard Drive(s)
    anything else plugged in

    Also, if any parts aren't brand new and have been carried forward from another computer, which ones and how old are they?

    Is there any specific reason you went with IDE hard drive(s) and CD drive?
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